WorkFlow Manager 2.0

The manager of Office-work with the big set of possibilities
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Flexera Software, Inc.
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Workflow Manager integrates with AdminStudio, the premier application readiness solution, to streamline software packaging and Vista migrations and simplify ITIL and Microsoft MOF and BDD implementations.
Easily track, manage, and report on SLAs to ensure IT projects stay in compliance.
Workflow Manager's Web-based templates are easily customized to fit the changing needs of your enterprise. Have Workflow Manager send emails notifying key stakeholders of progress or issues involving their application requests and other IT projects. Whenever project issues arise, Workflow Manager provides tools to track and facilitate their resolution.
Design, store, and rerun custom reports that improve the management of your IT processes. By using this application you can easily define each user's access rights to Workflow Manager, ensuring personnel never perform unauthorized tasks; launch any Web page in a new browser window during a Workflow Manager template step. You can also tailor the application request submission process to the specific needs of your organization.
Workflow Manager provides unprecedented support for managing virtual applications, making it as easy as managing MSIs.



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